Monday, June 23, 2008


Ella is being as sweet and brave as ever. She had another EKG and Ultrasound on 6-19-08 and is going in for another procedure called a Nasal Flush on 7-10-2008. This will allow the vets to analyze the discharge coming out of her nose and the nasal drip that is causing her so much discomfort. We are going to attempt this first and see how it goes. ANY donation of any kind will help us a great deal in contnuing the life long care of this super sweet kitty who had the unfortunate luck of being previously in the hands of a horrible hoarder. Now she is loved SOOO much, we raised 3,000 last year for her major surgery I know we can make $350. Thanks for your help as always.

Much Love,

Kim, Liz and all the kitties ESPECIALLY...Ella!